Thursday, March 09, 2006

time's ticking away...

The last show was in April 2005 (almost a year ago!) so it's about time I pulled my finger out and did a new one. I'm working on it and will hopefully be posting it soon. As well as new shows, I will probably post all of the old shows in the future for a limited time so if you want any of them, subscribe so you'll know when that happens.

These were the past shows...

25th Apr 05 - special guest: Deadman DJ (virusb-23)
20th Feb 05 - special guests: Gary Turnip & Kid Harpoon
22nd Nov 04 - special guest: Rod Bootyshake (azlan sound)
12th Oct 04 - special guest: Garry Loco (Loco Records)
20th Sep 04 - special needs guests: Bobby Bench n' Winky Vice [re:fried]
14th Sep 04 - special guest: Nozza
27th Aug 04 - special guest: Fipzie (
20th Aug 04 - special guest: Fitz Spitz

Monday, April 25, 2005

playlist number 8 playlist number 8 - 25th April 2005

humdinger - amino people
emeson - whispers in the rain (edso-low mix)
raja zanjapura - deadman dj remix

interview with deadman dj

special - face4 medway music mash up

skifflespliff - the hilton hillbillies
the letter - fuzz
hipMare - mary & russ
flaming flamingo - azlan sound (rich amino babylon shaker mix)
the ticket that exploded - dr i honey
doctor patient skills - dr i honey
this is my way - deadman dj
pimp wizards & john amino
the hustle (influenza) - nedavine
radar bass - stooky
vertigo - thomas wurwal
biginnings - prasuhn
hairline - bonzai resevoir
4AM birdland - trimbalio
bouncy bouncy - gary turnip & the allotment diggers
cakes n biscuits - warped weirdo
tramp - petebang
mary jane - kid harpoon feat afro chris & kev
top 10 assassin - russ & alex
for the moment - fitz spitz & alex
got time - deadman dj
women be wise - angela josland feat kid harpoon & jim riley
lobotic monke - wedge
test tone - alex, lance & russ
if it ever does - chris austen & marko

clubped - whitepace1971
2005 - rubberhead
chatham birds - unknown

Sunday, February 20, 2005

playlist number 7 playlist number 7 - 20th Feb 2005

Russ Sonarfox - intro jingle
Chris Austin (aka Afro Chris) - if it ever does (produced by Marco)
Azlan Sound feat. Sam Clarke (Rich Amino remix) - Babylon Shaker
Lemon Jelly - '79 AKA The Shouty Track
Toots and the Maytals - Presure Drop
Raja Zanjapura - Russ McVeigh & Alex Stacey
Subside - Home to an empty house (globalunderground)
Deadman DJ - This is my way

Interview with Gary Turnip (The Allotment Diggers) & Kid Harpoon (aka Tom Hull)

Ms Dynamite - Dy-na-mi-tee (instr)
Erick Sermon - Music (instr)

Mary Jane - Kid Harpoon

Commodores - Just to be close to you
(Valentine's special l-o-v-e phone-in & Hanna's special l-o-v-e poem)

Angela Josland feat Kid Harpoon, Dr Jim Riley - Women be wise
Daft Punk (PojMasta remix) - Robot Rock

Monday, November 22, 2004

playlist number 6 playlist number 6 - 22th Nov 2004

nexus - forgive me (
sunshine anderson - lunch Or dinner instr. (soulife recordings)
talking heads - burning down the house (emi)
russ sonarfox & alex stacey - jazz flap
hakan lidbo - clockwise (shitkatapult)
shitmat - on a ragga shit (planet mu)
shitmat - jacksons babylon (planet mu)

azlan sound - akoma (The Heart)
rod bootyshake (azlan sound) phone interview

edit - screening phone calls (planet mu)
courtney melody - ninja mi ninja
sander kleinenberg - the fruit
reviled - moleman (deadman dj remix)
jimmi hendrix - star spangled banner @ woodstock

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

playlist number 5 playlist number 5 - 12th Oct 2004

special guest - garry loco (loco records, 5 church street, chatham)

the hilton hillbillies - skiffle spliff (skinchimney/method)
funkstorung - chopping heads (!k7)
the cure - the lovecats (fiction)
rae & christian - spellbound (aim instrumental) (grand central)

garry loco's selection:
sneakerpimps - firestarter (clean up records)
the singing nun - dominique (philips)
culture - two sevens clash (island)
the chamber brothers - harlem (direction)
eric mingus & jim dvorak - how i miss my gun (some)

brandy - afrodisiac instrumental (atlantic)
henryoid on the blower
sentou - the age of wire and string (virus b-23)
nedavine - dark noon (village recordings)
bananarama - cruel summer (london)
dokaka - sir duke (
pimp wizards & john amino
reviled - moleman (

Monday, September 20, 2004

playlist number 4 playlist number 4 - 20th Sept 2004

special needs guests - bobby bench n' winky vice from [re:fried] (on this friday 24th sept 9-2am tap'n'tin, chatham)

nedavine - the hustle (influenza) (village recordings)
greens in the post - take 5
s-express - find time to be yourself (rhythm king)
alex stacey - the boozer (unfinished)
kool & the gang - take my heart (de-lite)
tenor saw - rochester bad (white)
talking heads - born under punches (sire)

bobby bench n' winky vice [re:fried] selection:

skatalites - china town (top deck)
freddie and the kinfolk - mash potato, popcorn (dade)
povo - good and bad (raw fusion)
red astaire - break on through (white)

trimbalio - 4am birdland (mmm records)
thomas wurwal - vertigo (village recordings)
russ sonarfox - desert sonnet (sonarfox)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

playlist number 3 playlist number 3 - 14th Sept 2004

al green - love and happiness (alex stacey remix)
tm juke - maps from the wilderness (annefrankingmachine mega mix) (tru thoughts)
tomorrow never comes - russ & ebi (sonarfox)
be mine - georgie strange (
greens in the post (live)
kaplick - jiggart
deadman dj - eight
brandy - what about us? (instrumental)
chat with nozza
funkstorung - fat camp feva (!k7)
anna - left side
sqoo - the fool
robots in disguise - the djs got a gun (tummy touch)
warped weirdo - bits

special guest: nozza