Tuesday, October 12, 2004

playlist number 5

face4.com playlist number 5 - 12th Oct 2004

special guest - garry loco (loco records, 5 church street, chatham)

the hilton hillbillies - skiffle spliff (skinchimney/method)
funkstorung - chopping heads (!k7)
the cure - the lovecats (fiction)
rae & christian - spellbound (aim instrumental) (grand central)

garry loco's selection:
sneakerpimps - firestarter (clean up records)
the singing nun - dominique (philips)
culture - two sevens clash (island)
the chamber brothers - harlem (direction)
eric mingus & jim dvorak - how i miss my gun (some)

brandy - afrodisiac instrumental (atlantic)
henryoid on the blower
sentou - the age of wire and string (virus b-23)
nedavine - dark noon (village recordings)
bananarama - cruel summer (london)
dokaka - sir duke (www.dokaka.com)
pimp wizards & john amino
reviled - moleman (www.reviled.co.uk)


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