Thursday, March 09, 2006

time's ticking away...

The last show was in April 2005 (almost a year ago!) so it's about time I pulled my finger out and did a new one. I'm working on it and will hopefully be posting it soon. As well as new shows, I will probably post all of the old shows in the future for a limited time so if you want any of them, subscribe so you'll know when that happens.

These were the past shows...

25th Apr 05 - special guest: Deadman DJ (virusb-23)
20th Feb 05 - special guests: Gary Turnip & Kid Harpoon
22nd Nov 04 - special guest: Rod Bootyshake (azlan sound)
12th Oct 04 - special guest: Garry Loco (Loco Records)
20th Sep 04 - special needs guests: Bobby Bench n' Winky Vice [re:fried]
14th Sep 04 - special guest: Nozza
27th Aug 04 - special guest: Fipzie (
20th Aug 04 - special guest: Fitz Spitz